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At the Purple Crayon, Infant, Primary and Secondary School we know, love and understand our students. We are aware of the fact that our staff and management are responsible for preparing them to enter and lead in a dynamically changing, but exciting new world, which will confront them as adults. As a school we have, and are evolving to always generate more patinate methods of teaching and learning. Yes our focus is on teaching methodology but we consider learning the true corner stone of success. Children come in a variety of packages in  terms of the their multiple intelligences and learning predominance. As a teaching staff we have to adapt to meet students where they are and not where we expect them to be.

Our girls and boys are encouraged to think creatively, and take intelligent risks in their learning and experiencing, as they engage with others. Further children need to question and thus discover new alternatives to what their parents may have had while they were at school.
Pupils are encouraged to involve themselves to the full, in all extramural activities, which is a further enrichment of their world promoting social and emotional growth.
The future belongs to the young people given the appropriate education to imagine and to create.
That what we endeavour to do at our school.

Hendrik Jan Sluis-Cremer • Head of School  (PhD)